My passion for working in clay began in 1977 when I happened upon a school for pottery while driving IMGP2362around the back roads of one of the most beautiful valleys of upstate New York. I have been lucky to be a member of the ceramics community that is Elizabeth Nields Clay Workshop. Everything is made by hand from scratch: the mixing of clay and glazes from both acquired and developed recipes. The majority of my work is hand thrown of a potter’s kick wheel. I’ve explored many firing methods with enthusiasm, determination, and observation; striving to develop the skills of a potter/artisan.
For many years I worked as a potter
part-time and was employed (to help pay the bills) first as a recreational therapist
then as an occupational therapy assistant, working with the elderly and special education children. Being a potter allowed me to balance my too busy life with the calming peace of centering clay.
Over the years I have created a body of work that expresses my natural life and connection to water, earth, plants, and fire.