stoneware-bannerMy stoneware focus is in wheel-thrown functional pottery. These pots have been high fired in a reduction kiln to cone 10 (2381 F- 1305 C). They are oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe. There are a variety of glazes available, which result in different colors and different finishes (matt, satin, and glossy).

My functional pottery “sets” are still “individuals”, not exact replicas. I think of them as families, pieces are “related” but not totally the same as a slip cast or manufactured piece. Each pot is hand thrown and high fired in a reduction kiln which causes “atmospheric effects”. Slight variations in color, size and shape may occur from kiln to kiln and piece to piece and are to be expected and cherished as an integral part of my hand made work.

My respect for traditional folk artisans of China and America has influenced my work. I encourage you to use pottery as practical art, enjoy the creativity and beauty of things commonplace.